Why Elite ProCare

We fully understand there is nothing more important to you than the care your family members receive. Our professional staff can help you regain a sense of balance in your life by connecting you with qualified and professionally-screened caregivers to meet your specific family needs.  Attend a meeting, enjoy a local restaurant, or simply relax — enjoy your stay even more when you know someone is taking care of your children. Our sitters are available for hotels & visitors.  All sitters are professionally screened, warm, nurturing, mature caregivers selected especially for their experience, reliability, and commitment to quality childcare.   

10 point screening of each Nanny/Caregiver

1. 2 Years Minimum of Professional Nanny/ Caregiver Experience
2. 1 Year Minimum Commitment ( As Applicable )
3. Completion of 3 page Application , Including 5 year Work History
4. US Work Authorization
5. Current CPR Certification or other Certifications (As Applicable)
6. In Person Interview by Agency Owner
7. Comprehensive Childcare Reference Evaluation
8. Confirm Legitimacy of all former Employers
9. Character Reference Check
10. Criminal Background Check & DMV Driving Records 

Elite ProCare specialize in providing personalized and professional care to children, form infants to adolescents. With over 13 years of experience in the field and by working with the concierges of the most prestigious hotels of South Florida, Elite ProCare positions itself with the highest credibility and unique qualification to provide its clients with the best quality services in the industry.